Monday, January 24, 2011

Fifa 11 Best Goals Collection (Compilation) in HD Video

Long range shooting, great dribbling, fast run, great skills are only some examples to score the beautiful goals on Fifa 11 as well in the real soccer. Yes, it only just a few ways to score best goals in Fifa 11. One great and effective way to make the goal is to rely on teamwork. In addition, the fast, accurate, and effective counter-attack is also a great way to score a beautiful goal in Fifa 11 and also in the real soccer match / game.

In a video below, you will be able to watch the compilation or the best goals collection ever done by someone who addict to Fifa 11 PC game. You can see how method he used to score the goals. He titled his video with title like this, "Fifa 2011 Best Goals Collection - The New Season - HD. Don't miss it you are the fans.

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