Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Do Juggling Skills Tutorial in Fifa 11? (New Tricks)

And for the news this time, discussion with video tutorial in Fifa 11 on how to do the juggling skills for each of the players. Sure do juggling on a real football game is not an easy job. Pressing stringent from the opposing team become one of the reason. And because this is all done in the Fifa 11 video game, then this becomes possible. Need I point out that if you can do this in the game, you're pretty great. Due to the opposing team would not let you do the juggling.

In this video about Fifa 11 new Juggling skills tutorial in HD, will be explained some tactic and tricks such as how to do sombrero flick left, volley, sombrero backwards, chest flick, in air elastico, till touzani around the world.

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